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Club Review - SeeMore Si3 Putter

SeeMore Si3  SeeMore Si3

SeeMore Si3 Putter (tested at 34”, 2 degrees flat)
Suggested Retail: $165

Overall: 4.5/5
Alignment: 5/5
Performance on Fast Greens: 5/5
Performance on Slow Greens: 2.5/5
Look: 4.5/5
Feel: 5/5

Summary: The SeeMore Si3 Putter has a wonderful feel and its unique RifleScope Technology alignment system will improve your putting by providing a consistent and repeatable setup position.

If you’re unfamiliar with SeeMore Putters then the first thing you will notice is their unique RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system that’s found on the heel.  This simple marking - a red dot flanked by two white stripes (see photos above) is what SeeMore is all about.  The red dot is featured on every model of putter that they make. 

One thing that you can’t see from a photo however, is the great feel of the SeeMore Si3 putter.  I love the custom Winn grip - it just feels right in your hands and helps maintain a light grip pressure.  The head has ideal weighting - not too heavy but not too light.  The thermoplastic face insert makes even the hardest golf ball feel like a buttery soft balata. 

The Si3 is a classic small mallet with a slightly back of center shaft design. Si3 is the straight shaft option, featuring 1/3 toe hang.  There is a Si3w also available, which is the offset version featuring 5 percent toe hang, near face balanced.

Don’t worrry if you’re not a fan of small mallet putters.  The Si1 is a deep flanged blade and the Si2 is a classic heel/toe blade.  In addition to that there are a number of other series’ in the SeeMore family.  Large mallets, classic hosel blades, belly putters, long putters, etc.  You name it and they have it.  You can be sure to find the exact putter type in their deep catalog that meets your personal preference.  All SeeMore putters fall between $150-$350.

SeeMore putters can be ordered directly from their website and can be custom built - length, lie, grip and headcover are all configurable.  The Si3 that I tested can be ordered anywhere from 31” to 37”, in half inch increments, with a lie angle between 66-74 degrees.

Now lets get back to that RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system. The theory goes that the red dot, if kept hidden from your view by the bottom of the shaft, will improve both your setup and putting stroke. “Hide the Red Dot” allows the golfer to set up the putter consistently every time in relation to the intended target, leading to a better set up, better alignment, and a better stroke.  If you can see the red dot at any point during your setup or putting stroke then either your clubface is open or closed, your ball position is too far forward or back or the shaft is leaning too far forward or back.

A SeeMore putter is just as much about a putting system than it is the actual putter.  The RST is developed and based around the theory that the nose should be perfectly in line with a vertical putter shaft and the ball.

With that said, if you are a firm believer in making a big forward press or insist on playing the ball off the front foot, then SeeMore is probably not the right fit for you.  These putters go with a specific theory on putting and SeeMore makes no bones about that.

As a company I would say that SeeMore falls into the higher-end category of putters.  Their putters with the thermoplastic face insert really soften the impact and are better suited for medium to fast greens, with faster greens being more preferred.  I ran into some distance control problems on slow daily-fee greens.  If you tend to play lower end public courses with very slow greens I’d recommend looking at one of the many SeeMore models that don’t feature the buttery soft face insert.

The Si3 is rock solid on short putts and did fairly well on mis-hits, holding its line on 3-footers for balls missed significantly towards the toe and heel.

The thing that really makes SeeMore unique however, is their Customer Service.  Any putter purchased direct from their online store is 100% guaranteed and may be returned within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.  Taking it a step further, they offer their customers lifetime support in terms of sharing their theories and teachings on the putting stroke.  Try to find another putter company in the world in which you can chat with their staff about your putting stroke…for life.  Very cool.

If you are someone who struggles with alignment issues, an inconsistent setup or you tend to manipulate the clubhead throughout your putting stroke, then a SeeMore putter might be the answer for you.  If you’re willing to commit to their theories on putting, then I think owning and sticking with a SeeMore putter will ultimately make you a better putter.  With their deep catalog of putters and the 14-day money back guarantee, I don’t see any reason not to try one out if you’re in the market for a new putter.

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